“The Jim Dempsey Foundation is dedicated to continuing his legacy of hope, kindness and positive development. Our Mission is to help others spread love, joy, education and care to those affected by illness.”

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Hope you have a safe and happy Veteran’s Day

Hello JDF Family, We would like to take a moment to send well wishes to all active duty and their families – bring our troops home safe! To all retired military and their families, we extend our appreciation for your service. Thank you for visiting our new website and we hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.  ...


It’s May 7th, which we are declaring is Pay It Forward Day, in memory of Jim Dempsey.  We challenge everyone to conduct at least one act of selfless kindness today in the spirit of love and joy that Jim Dempsey brought to this world.

2015 Updates

Hello Supporters of the JDF, With the help and support of friends and families, the JDF has been able to offer very small scholarships through the Doc Dempsey Scholarship and Sheryll Dempsey Textbook Funds, but our other aspirational programs have yet to find their way off the ground.   Therefore, the board has agreed to suspend all programs with the exception of the Doc Dempsey Scholarship and focus our energy into raising funds for this one program.  Once the Doc Dempsey Scholarship has been sustained, we will then focus energy into the other programs.  Thank you again to everyone who has supported the JDF – we rely on you to keep Doc’s legacy alive!  Here is to a healthy and bright 2015 for all of us.  Happy Valentine’s...